End of the Line ALBUM COVERCoyote Tells the Stories of His Homeless Life

in New American Zen album

End of the Line

American Zen new album RELEASED:

End of the Line

11 songs about Coyote's life AFTER leaving his family Christmas 2011. (End of the Coyote Clan?)

Coyote performing new show KUNG FU COWBOY1. Use Me
2. High School Graduation Reunion
3. Scorpion Resurrection
4. Secret Asian Girl
5. Rock Me Hard
6. Kung Fu Cowboy 2
7. Take Me Apart
8. End Of The Line
9. Honor and Obey, Cherish and Protect
10. Black Hills Ride
11. Starting Over Again
12. End Of The Line - Scott Mix


The Coyote Clan
to be featured in upcoming movie

Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie1

Feature film about Coyote = Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1.

Produced by Shaolin Pictures, this movie is scheduled to be shot in Los Angeles 2015.

It starts with Coyote leaving his home the day before Christmas 2011, and ends with him being kidnapped by the Japanese for dissection.

The Coyote Clan will be portrayed by professional actors with Coyote playing himself.

"I want Robocop's wife for the movie," exclaims Coyote.

We'll see if she's available.

  The Coyote Clan .com

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Check out the patch on Coyote's jacket.Where is my life -- that I planned?

We've got a whole bunch of TV shows featuring my kids and I performing together. But sadly, there will be no more.

So, THE COYOTE CLAN will continue with my new family of musicians, after I find them.

American Zen? That has been my clan for over a decade. But American Zen is having trouble staying together. Both of our keyboardists are constantly touring and recording with The Eagles or Dianna Ross & The Supremes. Guitarist Rory is tired of performing. He was already complaining about the rigors of performing on stage before someone stole his brand new BC Rich guitar after one of our Los Angeles shows.

We'll see what this will be.

For now, visit these websites to see what I'm doing:

Coyote 2008: I released Christ Killer. I'm on my own recording LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME.

Coyote 2009: I became a drummer. I lost my home. I lost my van. I lost my family. I lost my guitar. I recorded LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY.

Coyote 2010: My masonry brothers have been my family to some extent this past year. I've developed some deep and lifelong friendships--but no musical buddhies yet. Some of the local teens have had me playing little house concerts and a downtown Los Angeles nightclub. They've said they want to perform with me and know how to play all my songs...but that hasn't materialized at all. So I am still clanless.

Losing my guitar last year was a big boost to my electric guitar playing. I will never own another acoustic guitar. Every song you hear me playing an acoustic on, will be my 1972 Alvarez 12-string. I cherish it so much, that out of respect, I want to pay homage by not replacing it--even when I'm wealthy.

Here's a sample of my acoustic guitar: "Don't Forget" performed LIVE


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